I'm an aspiring boutique owner with dreams of painting the world PINK!!! Femininity is a trait I believe all women should celebrate and embrace. I have a love for vintage fashion and all things nostalgic! 'Vintage' women like Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball inspire me.

MVH will be a 'webstination' (web+destination) for women to celebrate their womanhood...a PINK sanctuary!!!

Come with me on this glamorous journey!!!!

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14 February 2011

Spicy Sugar ? ? ?

Sugar and Spice and everything nice that's what BIG girls are made of...or at least that is what you will believe after visiting this great blog I discovered www.iamsomafia.tumblr.com. This blog is an extension site of the company's main site with a focus on edgy, in your face fashion!!! The blog is fairly new so posts are quite limited but visiting the main site www.thesugarmafia.com you can see how these two are a perfect pair, a double dose of sweet heat!!! Yummy!! Go check it for yourself, I'm sure you will be delighted!!

Also don't forget to follow (via twitter): @lil_missmidnite (blogger) and @TheSugarMafia

14 November 2010

Impossible is Nothing!!! (credit to Nike)

There's no such thing as impossible unless you believe in limitations! As humans we are capable of so many wonderful things. I admit I wasn't always open to such optimistic thinking, I had even thought it was silly or child-like to "follow your dreams"! My limited perspective is obviously much different now that I am not only following my dreams but I am living them! How refreshing!! My desire to reach and live my wildest dreams has been further inspired by one of the great minds of the Late Gothic, Early Renaissance era: Filippo Brunelleschi, the master mind responsible for the creation and construction of the Florence Cathedral Dome (Florence, Italy)!! Brunelleschi silenced critics and naysayers simply by acting on his thoughts! We should all take note of how important an achievement like this is and appreciate the greater message behind it and that simply is : Thoughts become Things!!!

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." Albert Einstein

P.S . Be sure to google Filippo Brunelleschi/ Dome of Florence Cathedral, trust me you will be inspired!!!

27 October 2010


I've had some time to think and rethink the direction of my blog since my last post. When I began this blog I wanted to share my unique perspective concerning fashion, style and glamour while at the same time giving insight into my journey towards my career in the wonderful, ever evolving world of FASHION! Looking over my posts I feel that my blog has transformed into something foreign and isn't a reflection of my original plan. The name of my blog may be somewhat the cause for this detour but let me clear the air concerning my chosen title: I have a strong interest in all things, vintage and nostalgic! I love the look of pin up models, Warhol's pop art and history (of all kinds) really excites me!!

I intend to post information about events I have worked, new things I have learned (particularly in my Art History course) local events of interest (Atlanta area) etc; My blog from here on out will hopefully serve as a didactic tool for young hopefuls like myself who are eager to leave their mark not only in/on fashion but our World!!!

To my readers and any curious newcomers : Welcome, STAY a while and find yourself a little more learned, sophisticated and inspired!!

02 June 2010

Heavens to BETSEY!!

My apologies to my readers for the lack of activity on this blog...things have been bonkers but the 'storm' has seemed to pass so now we may continue with our regularly scheduled program!!

This is just a quick post to pay homage to the wonderfully creative Betsey Johnson! Recently I've found myself doing quite a bit of shopping and happened to stumble upon Betsey's store and boy oh boy was I thrilled!!! As I walked into this tiny store tucked behind a giant indoor water fountain and onto that black and white checkered floor it was as if I had fallen into Betsey's world...aaaaahhhh I could live in that moment forever!!! So after looking through all those pretty, colorful, frilly dresses I managed to find the perfect LBD, and then my emotions went from happiness to sheer excitement when the sales associate placed my very own Betsey Johnson LBD in that fabulous glossy pink bag with satin handles!!! I was so in love with my BJ experience that I made it a priority to stop by again almost a week or two later, and found the perfect summer tunic!!!

*Please note that I haven't worn the LBD as of yet but will post pics when the time comes*